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Xiaomi Band 7 Vs Mi Band 6 – Is it worth buying

Xiaomi Band 7 Vs Mi Band 6, is it worth buying the new band or just keep using the old mi band 6. Xiaomi, through an event in which it presented...
Download Customized ROMs

How To Download Customized ROMs For Xiaomi Phones

ROMs for Android are not as well-known as they were a few years ago, as well as Download Customized ROMs too, possibly because manufacturers are much more consistent when it comes...

How To Use MiFlash To Recover Xiaomi Devices

Here we will discuss how to recover your Xiaomi devices using MiFlash software.A computer and a USB are all you need. It is usually safe but please follow the guide below carefully. Doing something wrong can and will brick your device beyond...

How to delete Xiaomi Mi Account permanently

My Account is a mechanism established by Xiaomi under its own Android OS with access to all Xiaomi services. It is simple to delete Xiaomi Mi Account, however, keep in mind...
Xiaomi 11T Pro Google Camera

Download Xiaomi 11T Pro Google Camera 8.3

Xiaomi 11T Pro Google Camera gives you phone departure cam more options and optimization. Xiaomi abandoned the Mi label a few months ago and unveiled a few mid-range phones under the...

How to Check Phone Storage Health Any Android Phone

It’s important that you check phone storage health, this is a factor that affects user experience. The storage unit is the part where the data in your phone is stored, nowadays...

How To play Fortnite on Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO Phone

Now any user with a Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO mobile, regardless of whether it is low-end, will be able to play Fortnite totally free. Epic Games, in collaboration with Microsoft, have brought...

How To Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi When Recording Without Optical Stabilizer (OIS)

We will teach you how to record Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi even if your device does not have an optical stabilizer (OIS), and you do not have a tripod, the recording...
Xiaomi Mi TV P1E

Xiaomi Mi TV P1E 43 and 55-inch Launched with 4k features

Xiaomi has added two new television models to its lineup: the 43-inch Xiaomi Mi TV P1E and the 55-inch Xiaomi Mi TV P1E. Taking their size into account, these two Smart...

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