Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2 was launched today in its home market China, expanding the portfolio of computer peripherals in the company’s lineup. The Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2 is priced at 39 yuan, which is approximately $6.

As the name suggests, the product is the successor to the Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite, which was released in China a few years ago for 39 yuan ($6).

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2 features

The newly released Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Lite 2 has a lightweight design, weighing only 45 grams without the battery. It also has a smaller footprint, measuring 108.5mm x 57.5mm x 35.6mm.

It comes with support for 2.4GHz wireless transmission, which offers a continuous and stable transmission signal, eliminating the need to connect the device to the PC or laptop using a wired connection.

Xiaomi says that the main button TTC micro switch cooperates with the middle button scroll wheel to trigger quickly. It is also equipped with a 1000 DPI precision sensor. It is designed so that the device’s body fits the hand’s curvature. The mouse is powered by a AA battery which is not included in the box.


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