Xiaomi updates the MIUI Clock app design after a long time

Beyond deploying MIUI 13, Xiaomi has been updating some of its applications in recent days. An example of this is the MIUI Clock app, which has received a redesign of its different elements, being updated after a long time.

This is how they let us know from MIUIes , who have discovered that through the latest Daily Beta Xiaomi has introduced a new version of the Clock application, updating its design, as well as the operation of some of its tools.

MIUI Clock app

This is the new MIUI Clock app that will come to your Xiaomi

As we can see in the following image, V13.25.0 of the MIUI Clock app brings with it an important redesign in some of its components, thereby improving its appearance, the user experience, and, in general, its resemblance to the rest of the system.

Although the operation of the application remains the same, Xiaomi has redesigned some components of its user interface, becoming more modern and perhaps attractive to users and their use on a daily basis.

Yes, this update has begun to be deployed in China through the MIUI China ROM. It is therefore that its arrival in the Global and European ROM could take time to be formalized. Probably no more than a few weeks.



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