Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer

Xiaomi has recently introduced a new Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer for the Indian market. The company has unveiled the new Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer, which includes a number of intelligent features. So let’s take a look at its price, features, and specifications.

The Chinese tech giant has just announced the Smart Air Fryer in India, with a total capacity of 3.5L. It has over 50 built-in smart recipes, a wide temperature range, multifunctional cooking, and even supports voice commands via Google Assistant. The “Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L, the smart air fryer integrates intelligent design components and leading technology, making it the perfect addition to the Indian kitchen for smarter and healthier cooking,” according to official notes.

Furthermore, the new smart product can schedule meals up to 24 hours in advance, has an OLED display for easy monitoring, and can control timing and temperature. The Mi Home App can be used to view the recipes. Notably, the new Smart Air Fryer has 1500W of heating power, allowing for fast and high-temperature cooking while also providing balanced heat distribution inside the Air Fryer, which helps reduce cooking time.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer PRICE

As of right now, the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is available for a price tag of 9,999 INR and will go on sale on Amazon, Mi.com, Mi Homes, and retail stores starting from August 18. However, it is also offered with a discount on pre orders that is live between the dates of August 9 and August 15. This discount brings down the price tag to 7,999 INR.


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