Xiaomi Pilot Technology

Xiaomi Pilot Technology is the next big thing, It’s been 500 days since Xiaomi entered the market of shrewd electric vehicles and today, Xiaomi Group officially uncovered the situation with the Xiaomi Pilot Technology’s turn of events. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi shared their tentative arrangements on Twitter today. Visit Lei Jun’s Twitter profile here

Xiaomi has collected a major R&D group of in excess of 500 driving specialists and hopes to put RMB 3.3 billion in the underlying R&D phase of its independent driving innovation. Xiaomi likewise uncovered a live street test video of its independent driving innovation during the present public interview, exhibiting its complex calculations and capacity to deal with a great many conditions.

Watch the video of Xiaomi’s self driving car in action from this link“Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology adopts a self-developed full stack approach, and the project has made progress beyond expectations,” says Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

Xiaomi Pilot Technology

First R&D phase investment

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has more than 500 people working on its autonomous driving technology and that it aims to spend RMB 3.3 billion on the initial R&D stage. The team is anticipated to keep expanding and have more than 600 members by the end of the year.

The group’s center individuals have related knowledge working for probably the most perceived AI-related organizations. Every one of the specialized regions expected to make Xiaomi Pilot Technology innovation, including sensors, chips, calculations, recreation, instrument chain, and information stage, and that’s just the beginning, are covered by their expert information.

Xiaomi’s independent driving unit has drawn a ton of top industry ability since its true send off a year ago. The 500-part office now incorporates 50 industry experts who act as the group’s spine. The group all in all has serious areas of strength for a foundation, with over 70% of individuals holding experts or doctorate certifications.

Xiaomi has completely procured independent driving startup Shendong Technology, to upgrade its independent driving. The independent driving group at Xiaomi zeroed in on stopping and disclosed an imaginative auto-stopping arrangement that tends to circumstances like “saved parking spots,” “robotized valet stopping,” and “programmed mechanical arm charging.” Other parking area administrations will be made accessible later on, and a blend of AI and administration situated highlights will be included request to follow material public regulations and guidelines.

Lei Jun likewise expressed that in the underlying phase of the improvement of its independent driving innovation, Xiaomi plans to fabricate an armada of 140 test vehicles. They will go through individual testing around the country fully intent on turning into the forerunner in the savvy EV market by 2024.

As well as utilizing inner assets, the Xiaomi Auto group additionally profits serious areas of strength from various different groups inside Xiaomi, including the XiaoAi AI Assistant group, the Smartphone Camera group, and the Xiaomi AI Lab. Together, these groups are attempting to foster a state-of-the-art independent driving experience mutually.


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