Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth Alarm is what every home needs
Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth Alarm

For leaving nothing out, Xiaomi is known. This may be observed in his Youpin crowdfunding platform’s vast selection of household items. Here, from super-fitted vacuum robot cleaners to lamps with various capabilities, we can discover anything. What could they do otherwise? Well, an alarm clock, Mi Home compatible and that’s great for your bedside tables.

For several reasons, Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock is unique.

First, there are no tactile buttons in its basic design.

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It has a silicone base covering the complete product and maybe pushed in its entirety.

Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Features

The LCD shows room temperature and humidity information. The sensors can also capture moisture and temperature changes with high accuracy in real-time.

The Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock additionally displays an active Bluetooth connection, time, date, week alarm status.

You can also link the alarm clock with the smartphone to set up 16 distinct alarm groups via the Bluetooth connection and pick from 8 alarm sounds available.

Furthermore, it is synced automatically each time the watch is linked to the mobile device.

It activates the night light by pushing the surface of the watch. He’s also a great buddy for the kids at home who fear the darkness. On the other hand, the period of the clock may be adjusted by the mobile phone so that it is fully or so frequently turned off.

This practical 106-gram weight alarm clock is consistent with Xiaomi Home and is compatible with other home equipment.

The heater, for example, automatically activates if the clock shows that the temperature is less than 20°C.

Price and availability of the Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth Alarm

In its Blue, Green, and White presentations, the Qingping Alarm Clock is offered. It may be purchased on AliExpress with over 700 copies sold and 400 good assessments, for just over EUR 10.

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