Loop LiquidCool Technology
Loop LiquidCool Technology

Premium smartphones increasingly include strong internals, making them appropriate for demanding or strenuous applications like gaming. With greater performance, the organization must also consider heat dissipation to provide a smooth user experience.

In keeping with this, Xiaomi has now announced Loop LiquidCool Technology, a novel heat dissipation technology. According to the business, it is inspired by cooling systems used in the aircraft sector.

The Loop LiquidCool Technology employs a capillary action that pulls a liquid cooling agent to the heat source, vaporizes it, and then efficiently disperses the heat towards a cooler location until the agent condenses and is caught via a unidirectional closed-looped channel.

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It has an annular heat pipe system made up of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, and gas and liquid pipelines. The evaporator, which is placed near heat sources, contains a refrigerant that evaporates to gas when the smartphone is under heavy load. After that, the gas and airflow are dispersed to the condenser, where the gas condenses back into liquid. These liquids are absorbed and collected by microscopic fibers in the refill chamber, which refills the evaporator and makes the system self-sustaining.

Because typical VC systems lack distinct gas and liquid channels, hot gas and cold liquids combine and impede each other. The ring-shaped pump has a unique gas pipe design that decreases air passage resistance by 30% while increasing maximum heat transfer capacity by up to 100%.

It includes a Tesla valve, which is a one-way valve that lets liquid pass through the evaporator while preventing gases from flowing in the other direction. This enables more efficient gas/liquid circulation throughout the system.

This also allows Loop LiquidCool Technology to be used and stacked into any form of interior architecture. Xiaomi, for example, claims that a square-shaped loop will provide more room for the battery, camera module, and other components.

The business claims that it provides double the cooling capacity of traditional vapor chambers (VC) technologies. Xiaomi hopes to include Loop LiquidCool Technology into its devices in the second part of next year.

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