Xiaomi MIUI Theme App Updated To v2.0.9.3

Xiaomi MIUI Themes App
Xiaomi MIUI Theme App

It was not a while ago, that the Xiaomi miui theme app was blacklisted on the google play store, forcing the user to disable the app, thank this new update, it mess has been fixed.

Xiaomi Themes Software is a well-known UI customizing app. Theme Store is a Xiaomi software that lets you download themes, fonts, and wallpapers.

The creators have launched a new update for its Theme Store application version, which includes freshly released games that can be found in the theme store, as well as the ability to obtain necessary exquisite themes, wallpapers, and other materials by scheduling an appointment. The upgrade also enhances the user experience.

We hope you’re enjoying the millions of themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and fonts available for download from the Xiaomi Theme Store, and the good news is that the MIUI Themes app has received an upgrade with some significant enhancements!

Xiaomi is rolling out a new update for Xiaomi Themes App which comes on v2.0.9.3 with some new features bug fixes and many more to further improve the user experience.

Latest Version of Xiaomi MIUI Theme App

Now, the Theme Store has received a significant update that includes some really exciting new features. What exactly are they? Some of the improvements made to the Theme Store version 8.5.0 application are visible. As a reminder, if you haven’t received this update, you can access the Theme Store application and you will automatically receive an update notification, as seen below. Simply download the update if it is available.


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