Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

It was a huge day for Xiaomi, with a lot of announcements as they announced Xiaomi MIUI 13. Lei Jun, the company’s CEO and co-founder kicked off the event by presenting MIUI 13 – the newest user interface with greater privacy features and enhanced security.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 is no longer an operating system for mobile phones, but an operating system that spans multiple devices and connects multiple smart devices. This is a farewell to the past ten years and the starting point for the next ten years. In order to provide a better software experience in the future, the company also made major organizational adjustments this month, forming a group software department with more than 3,000 engineers. With strong R&D resources, we believe that we can bring you a better software experience in the future.

Users will be able to continue the procedure they started on one device on another thanks to this capability. With a single tap, you will be able to continue viewing a video on your phone from your tablet. Tablets, TVs, laptops, and other cell phones are examples of such gadgets. Between four devices, a big ecology will be developed. Not just video, but also file transfer, clipboard transfer, and application transfer are available.

Because privacy is a major issue for smartphone users, Xiaomi created a three-step authentication method, which appears to function in some locations. The first layer is face recognition, which is followed by a watermark reading of the user’s ID, and finally “electronic fraud prevention.”

So far we have been discussing the MIUI features on the surface, let’s go in deep and see what we have so far

Xiaomi MIUI 13 Security features

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

Upper-body recognition is used for facial recognition. The user enters their face, but the phone captures everything from the waist up, so other persons with different body forms, even if they have a similar face, are not permitted in.

This is one of the main fields to target by any OEMs as it improves the users’ trust in brands. And this is why Privacy is getting better with every update be it Android or a custom UI update. MIUI 13 brings three-step verification classified as facial recognition, watermark reading, and electronic fraud detection.

The “electronic fraud protection” database contains a list of websites and gadgets that may contain malware. There is also a comprehensive phonebook of numbers that will be saved as suspicious, and the phone user will be notified before accepting the call.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 new font (MiSans Font)

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

Xiaomi recently released a new typeface for MIUI 13, dubbed meanings. People will install it since it is commercially free to download. It’s a sans-serif typeface that makes lettering, signs, and numbers easier to read. Removing the decorations is one thing, but Xiaomi also made the typeface more symmetrical in terms of space and character look.

Although MIUI themes allow a wide range of typefaces, the inclusion of the default system font is a welcome bonus. If you prefer to experiment with different fonts, you will be able to check out a new symmetrical optimized font. The typeface is available for free download for both personal and business usage.

Not only is the text shifting in appearance, but so are the colors. All phones running MIUI 13 will get new wallpaper options, with flowers blooming from one side of the screen when switched on. There are also several widgets that have been altered to better align on a grid.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 widgets

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

The availability of Xiaomi MIUI 13 on various smartphones is another big shift. Despite having a small number of models, Xiaomi produced MIUI 13 Pad, which is tailored for tablets. It is designed to function on large displays, and while there is no indication of whether the Mi Mix Fold will receive it, we believe it will give the emphasis here on multitasking.

After the release of Android 12, Widgets on Android phones are now getting better even if they are running on a custom skin. MIUI 13 has also brought some new widgets like Super Countdown Day, and Water Measuring Cup and we can expect more widgets.

Over 3000 applications have already been written to enable the functionality, according to the business. It will include Pad-specific movements like dragging, pinching to resize, dragging and dropping, and launching an app immediately into a tiny window.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 for the whole ecosystem (Xiaomi Environment)

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

Since Xiaomi already entered a bunch of IoT markets, the environment for Xiaomi users will be better with MIUI 13. All the Xiaomi devices connected to one Network will cooperate fluently. And so it will reduce many tasks and save time

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features

The main question is when MIUI 13 will be released, and the answer is “very soon.” It will be available on the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi Mi 11 series as early as January 2022, as well as on numerous Redmi TVs. Yes, MIUI 13 was created with Redmi and Poco in mind, both of which are completely different brands.

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features
Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features


Xiaomi MIUI 13 Pad

Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features Check Out Xiaomi MIUI 13 Full Features







Mi Pad series is popular in some markets. And following the footsteps of Apple, Xiaomi has introduced a specific version of MIUI called MIUI 13 Pad which is exclusive to the Mi Pad series. It is designed for tablets and big-screen phones. For now, the OEM has only mentioned its availability for the Mi Pad series and so we can’t say if it will be available on different form factor devices like Mi Mix Fold.

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