Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow Launched under crowdfunding

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow was made available through a crowdfunding effort in China. With its piezoelectric sensor, the new Xiaomi smart pillow can properly capture heartbeat, snoring, body movement, and breathing. On September 7, Xiaomi Mall launched a crowdfunding campaign for the MIJIA Smart Pillow.

The new Xiaomi Smart Pillow incorporates an AI algorithm to track a variety of health and fitness metrics. The piezoelectric sensor is well placed at the centre of the pillow and does not interfere with sleep. It can provide information regarding the user’s sleep state, deep sleep duration, and sleep scores. It can connect to other smart gadgets in the Xiaomi ecosystem through Bluetooth. It always acts in an optimal manner, ensuring a smooth sleep cycle.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow Launched under crowdfunding

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow features

The Smart Pillow is powered by four AAA batteries that last up to 60 days. It provides a safe and dependable low-voltage DC power supply. The smart pillow is available in two sizes: 10cm and 12cm. It is ergonomically comfy to sleep on and may be used in either orientation.

The MIJIA Smart Pillow provides the necessary comfort no matter how you sleep. This causes the muscles to naturally relax, resulting in a calm and restful sleep for the user. The pillowcase has effective antibacterial protection that is kept up to 90% after 20 washings. The outside pillowcase is constructed of a delicate and skin-friendly material. The outside pillowcase is soft and little elastic as well.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow Launched under crowdfunding

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow price

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow crowdfunding campaign is now open for pre-order. The crowdfunding pricing is 259 yuan ($37), but the retail price will be 299 yuan ($43). There are currently no details about the product’s global availability.


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