New Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1, Features UV sterilization system

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 has launched as a new dishwasher with a modern appearance, inside which it hides a sterilization system using ultraviolet light.

We are talking about the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1, a dishwasher with a height adjustment of between 765 and 820mm, which will undoubtedly combine perfectly in the most modern homes and kitchens. In addition, as it could not be less, it has WiFi connectivity in order to offer intelligent operation.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1, features and price

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In detail, the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 is presented with an advanced intelligent drying system. This can save up to 40% energy and time, achieving efficient drying at a temperature of 80ºC.

In addition, this new dishwasher presented by Xiaomi has 27 pressurized water columns. Thanks to this, a thorough cleaning is achieved without rinsing the slab beforehand.

Beyond that, the new Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 has a UV sterilization system capable of eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and germs. It also has a practical screen from which to program its operation and WiFi connectivity for remote control from our smartphone.

As for price, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Dishwasher S1 debuts with a special price of 3,199 yuan, about 453 euros to change. That is, at the moment it is unknown if it will reach the global market, although if it does it will probably have a great reception.

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