Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot

Xiaomi has a wide variety of products for the home. Among these, we find the new Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot, a kitchen robot equipped with a large color screen and hundreds of smart recipes.

The new Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot becomes the company’s first kitchen robot. Your objective will be to compete against the more than recognized Thermomix. Of course, at a cheaper price and with some of the most interesting features.

This is the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot, main features

In detail, the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot is presented with a fairly minimalist design, with black being the predominant color. This has three main parts; its base, a color screen, and the main pot.

With dimensions of 413x316x344mm and a total weight of 13.8Kg, the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot allows you to perform 35 different functions. These include the ability to sauté, stew, steam, knead noodles, mince meat, juice, chop, shred, grind, low-temperature cooking, and weigh ingredients.

The total power of the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot is 1,700W, with a motor capable of reaching 12,000rpm. It also has various accessories, including 3 plates and a 15-liter capacity pot.

Beyond that, the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot has an 8-inch full-color touch screen. From this, we can access more than 200 smart recipes, all of these with their own video so that the realization is easier.

Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot launched With Thermomix

Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot, price and availability

At the moment the Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot has debuted in China for 5,999 yuan, about 867 euros in exchange. We will have to wait to see if its launch is also carried out, officially, in the Global market.


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