How to Use Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction when recording videos

Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction
Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction

Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction helps you to get good sound when recording a video,  MIUI hides a wide variety of options in its camera. In addition to allowing us to paint with light, the MIUI camera adds a Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction system capable of automatically reducing ambient noise in our recordings.

Thanks to this mode, which very few know, we can obtain much more professional recordings, with practically no background noise. To do this, based on artificial intelligence, MIUI eliminates any trace of white noise, vehicles, or people that are heard in the background in our recording.

Just by activating the option that we will see below, you will be able to completely change the video recordings that you make with your Xiaomi. Of course, your device must be updated to the latest version of MIUI and also be cataloged in the mid-range or even high.

How to activate Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction

To activate Xiaomi intelligent noise reduction on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the camera and then access the Video mode
  2. Once inside you will only have to go to the options and then go into Audio Settings
  3. Finally, it will be enough to activate the Intelligent Noise Reduction mode

By activating this option you will be able to give a much more professional touch to your video recordings. In addition, following the same steps mentioned above, you can activate the in-ear Monitor mode .

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