Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro Launched with multiple grooming heads in India

Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro is now available in India. It provides a full grooming experience. The current offering is the second grooming equipment released this year, following the Beard Trimmer 2. Continue reading to find out what the Grooming Kit Pro has to offer right out of the box.

The Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro includes grooming heads for the hair, beard, nose, ears, and body. It has a small footprint and an LED display with a battery indication. The device is also IPX7 certified and completely washable due to its hydro-resistant body.

The Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro comes with four different types of blades for different use situations, including trimming, grooming, precision, and U-shaped grooming. The stainless steel blades self-sharpen, and users can style their bodies however they wish. It has many length settings with trimming precision ranging from 0.5mm to up to 20mm for various types of combs for both hair and beard.

Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro Features

The Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro is powered by an 800mAh battery that promises 90 minutes of cordless runtime on a full charge. It has a USB-C port for quick charging. A travel lock option is enabled, which saves battery life while traveling.

Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro price

The Xiaomi Grooming Kit Pro costs Rs 2,499, but you can get it for Rs 2,199 if you pre-order between September 7th and September 13th. The device is only available in Matte Black.


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