Xiaomi delivered the new PC, Xiaomi Book Pro prior in this year. Since AMD entered the PC market, numerous PC producers presently favor the AMD processors and Xiaomi is no special case. At present all Xiaomi Book Pro workstations are fueled by Intel processors however Xiaomi is going to deliver an AMD controlled adaptation.

New Xiaomi Book Pro 14″ will be equipped with Ryzen 6000H processor and it is going to be announced on August 8 in China. Xiaomi Book Pro series come with OLED displays.

Xiaomi Book Pro with AMD processor coming soon

As seen on the acquaintance picture it’s exceptionally indistinguishable with the Intel fueled Xiaomi Book Pro 14″ model. Both 14″ and 16″ Intel fueled renditions of Xiaomi Book Pro deal an OLED show with 90 Hz revive rate on 14″ model and 60 Hz invigorate rate on 16″ model. We don’t know precise details of the new AMD 6000H fueled Xiaomi Book Pro workstations yet we accept that it will be same as more established adaptations with AMD CPU.

Since AMD workstations are for the most part less expensive than the Intel PCs with indistinguishable details, here are the costs of Intel fueled PCs. We don’t have the cost data yet however 14″ model might cost around 5000-6000 CNY.

Intel Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 Price & Storage & Specifications


  • i5-1240P – 16GB/512GB – 14″ 2880*1800 90 Hz costs 6799 CNY – 1010 USD
  • i5-1240P – 16GB/512GB – MX550 – 14″ 2880*1800 90 Hz costs 7399 CNY – 1100 USD
  • i5-1240P – 16GB/512GB – RX2050 – 14″ 2880*1800 90 Hz costs 8899 CNY – 1320 USD


  • i5-1240P – 16GB/512GB – UMA – 16″ 3840*2400 60 Hz costs 7399 CNY – 1100 USD
  • i7-1260P – 16GB/512GB – RTX 2050 – 16″ 3840*2400 60 Hz costs 9399 CNY – 1400 USD


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