Xiaomi 13 Screen Size Leaked With Details

The display specifications of the forthcoming Xiaomi 13 flagship series’ standard model, which is likely to be delivered in November or December, have become clearer. There is new information on the display technology and dimensions of the new series’ standard version.

The new Xiaomi flagship series will be released about 4 months following the Xiaomi 12S series. The new versions will be powered by Qualcomm’s top chipset in 2023, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Furthermore, the new flagship model will feature 100W rapid charging as well as the Xiaomi Surge PMIC.

Xiaomi 13 Display Features

Digital Chat Station, which is well-known for consistently leaking new Xiaomi and other brand products, has revealed some details about the screen size and technology of the Xiaomi 13 Standard edition. Xiaomi’s latest flagship has a 6.36-inch 2.5D flexible AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The front camera array is nearly identical to the Xiaomi 12. Furthermore, the screen has ultra-thin edges.

Unlike the flagship versions released following the Mi 6, the Xiaomi 13 series will include the option of a BYD ceramic back cover. Except for the MIX models, Xiaomi has not given a ceramic back option in a long time, but that changes with the Xiaomi 13.


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