Xiaomi 12 resolution downgraded for better battery lifeToday Xiaomi revealed a few Xiaomi 12 series specifications as well as the front of two of the devices, namely the Xiaomi 12 and its pro variant, for the first time. However, while the lineup has gained a compact flagship model, the phone has a display with a resolution of ‘only’ 1080p – a downgrade from this year’s Xiaomi Mi 11’s 2K panel.

According to Lao Wei, the product manager for the Xiaomi 12 series, this was done to improve battery life. A compact body combined with a flagship processor has been described as “a great challenge,” most likely due to the fact that smaller devices tend to have smaller batteries.Xiaomi 12 resolution downgraded for better battery life

The most effective ways to compensate for the downsize are typically to reduce the refresh rate, underclock the processor, or reduce the screen resolution, and Xiaomi has wisely chosen the latter.

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Xiaomi 12 Display

While the Xiaomi 12 display has a lower resolution, it makes up for it in other ways: it has a 10bit color depth, a high contrast ratio of 16,000:1, and GGV protective glass. A DisplayMate A+ rating was also obtained, and the device set 15 new records in the display department.

Xiaomi 12 Release Date

The Xiaomi 12 is paired with a larger pro variant, both of which will be available on December 28th. While the front of the devices has been officially revealed, the back design remains a mystery, despite the fact that we have seen unofficial renders and even protective case leaks in the past.

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