The MIUI interface shows a very careful design. However, if you want to try new things, from the Miui themes store you are likely to get some customization packs that will give your Xiaomi a completely different look.

Weeks ago we shared our usual suggestion with five brand new Miui themes for your Xiaomi. Now, wanting to let you know about other alternatives, here we bring you five other recommendations to get your Xiaomi to have an attractive and modern look.

Miui themes that will give your Xiaomi a different look

Remember that all the Miui themes that we will mention below can be found through the Themes app, in case the download links do not redirect you correctly. Also, if you can’t download it, you may need to perform a region change.

1. Black Panther | Download

Black Panther is an MIUI themes designed to pay homage to the eternal King of Wakanda. Looking for a different look for your Xiaomi? Well, this theme has for you a set of personalized icons and a completely renewed control center.

Miui themes

The dark theme mixes purple hues and minimalist details for a modern neon look. In addition, the silhouette of Black Panther accompanies you at all times on the screen background. If you are interested, download it on your Xiaomi with MIUI 12 or 12.5.

2. Project RIVER | Download

If you are looking for serene Miui themes with blue tones, then Project RIVER is the customization pack you need. MIUI theme can bring a different look to your Xiaomi. It is characterized by its large widgets and distinctive app icons.

Miui themes

Project RIVER’s lock screen also has multiple shortcuts that are quite useful and even greets you with a welcome message. Otherwise, the theme is available in the store for devices running MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

3. Give your Xiaomi a different look with Material X | Download

These Miui themes will give you a totally different look

If colorful themes are your thing, then Material X is what you are looking for. The customization pack stands out for its simplicity, but also for the friendly design of its application icons. In addition, it has a little boat sailing between mountains. Isn’t that cool?

Your lock screen opts for a clock that covers almost the entire space and a somewhat more opaque background. On the other hand, the control center maintains the base colors of MIUI but changes the shape of its buttons, as well as the icons of the settings menu. Material X supports dark mode and works on both MIUI 12 and 12.5.

4. Slanker’s | Download

Are you an Apple fan? If so, Slanker’s is the theme that will give your Xiaomi a very different look. In fact, it will make it look like an iPhone. That’s right, this customization pack changes absolutely everything in the MIUI interface. From the internal menus to the status bar. There will be no corner that does not remind you of mobile with iOS.

These Miui themes will give you a totally different look

Even apps and notifications receive the characteristic look of the iOS interface. Slanker’s is also a dark theme, so if you have an AMOLED screen, you can enjoy better power management. The theme is available for mobiles with MIUI 12 onwards.

5. Get a different look on your Xiaomi Iron Man Pro | Download

Do you need a simplecolorful theme, with animations and quite striking? Do I have? Iron Man Pro is a fairly complete customization package. The theme features animations on the main desktop header and lock screen.

These Miui themes will give you a totally different look

Likewise, Iron Man Pro has a redesigned control center, with a range of colors that are curiously reminiscent of the infinity gems. And it is that, of course, on the screen background is nothing more and nothing less than Iron Man himself representing that dramatic scene from Endgame.

The theme also has custom and colorful icons, and even color ink the incoming notifications. If it catches your attention, and you want to give your mobile a very different look, download it on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO with MIUI 12 or higher.

Change region to apply MIUI theme

Applying an MIUI theme can be a bit tricky if the theme is not installed correctly. To solve this small inconvenience, try changing the region of your Xiaomi. It is an easy and reversible process, which you can carry out from the settings menu.

Go to Settings > Additional settings > Region . Next, select a region other than your home zone. It can be ‘ India ‘ or ‘ Andorra ‘. Then try to install and apply the theme of your choice. If you manage to do so, return to your home region following the same route.

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