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5 hidden MIUI settings on your Xiaomi

There are many hidden MIUI settings available for Xiaomi users. Every day we find more interesting adjustments in the MIUI customization layer. Xiaomi's shell is a benchmark in terms of options to...

14 Best Ways to Increase Battery Life on Android?

Have you been suffering from poor battery life on your smartphone? We have some solutions for you which will Increase Battery Life on Android. How to Increase Battery Life on Android? Use Black...

How to disable or enable camera watermark on Xiaomi, Redmi And Poco phones

A watermark on Xiaomi smartphones is a visible text or symbol that usually appears with media captured by Xiaomi devices, such as movies and pictures. Turning on the watermark option in...

How to remove ads on Xiaomi, Redmi And Poco Phones!

For a long time, MIUI has been a haven for advertisers, and remove ads on Xiaomi smartphones has been a critical worry for many users. Today, we'll show you two ways...

How to change MIUI 13 Font Style on Xiaomi Phones

The best way to change MIUI 13 Font Style and even the size. You don't need to install new themes if you want your phone to look different from the inside...

How to create an emergency contact on Xiaomi Phone

In case of any unexpected situation, MIUI 13 gives you the option to create one or more emergency contacts on your Xiaomi so that they receive an SMS or automatic call. In such a way,...

How to setup And Use Mi Box S

Xiaomi is well-known for producing high-quality electronic devices. It is most known for its smartphones, but it is also working on life-changing smart products. The Mi Box S is one such...

How To Connect PS5 Controller To Android Smartphone?

If you’re looking to Connect PS5 Controller To Android smartphone, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll share the steps that allow you to pair a PS5 DualSense controller...

How to share location on WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is perhaps the most widely used texting, audio, and video call platform across the globe. One of the most interesting and convenient features of this messaging app is current and...

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