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MIUI Gallery Gets improved Selection of wallpapers

After updating the MIUI gallery once again, Xiaomi has done the same with the wallpaper selection settings. After its last update, it is now more comfortable, not only to select the...

Download POCO Launcher 4.0 Stable Update V4.38 [Updated: 16 June]

You'll receive a slew of new features and enhancements with the new Poco Launcher 4.0 update, including enhanced home screen animations, app drawer animations, and eliminated icon support. This version of...

Download Best POCO F4 Google Camera with config

Best POCO F4 Google Camera (Redmi K40s) Before getting into the best POCO F4 Google Camera and Redmi K40s devices, it is worth mentioning that they are one in the same with the only...

How to share location on WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is perhaps the most widely used texting, audio, and video call platform across the globe. One of the most interesting and convenient features of this messaging app is current and...

10 Top MIUI Apps You need to try

Many other smartphone makers have created their own user interfaces. MIUI is the operating system used by Xiaomi phones. If you're interested in learning more about MIUI's Top 10 Apps, this...

Download and Install Xiaomi Game Turbo 5.0

Game Turbo 5.0 is now available on worldwide Xiaomi smartphones, while it is not yet available for China Beta devices for unclear reasons. We'll show you how to install it on...

How to Check Phone Storage Health Any Android Phone

It’s important that you check phone storage health, this is a factor that affects user experience. The storage unit is the part where the data in your phone is stored, nowadays...

Download Best Google Camera for POCO F3

The best Google Camera for the POCO F3 model will be what is covered in this article so that you can shoot photos and record videos professionally on your device and...

Download Poco X4 Pro Google Camera 8.4 Mod

Poco X4 Pro Google Camera 8.4 is a Modded stock camera application from the Pixel smartphone which has some advanced features that are missing in the stock Poco X4 Pro camera application...

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