How To Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi When Recording Without Optical Stabilizer (OIS)

Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi

We will teach you how to record Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi even if your device does not have an optical stabilizer (OIS), and you do not have a tripod, the recording can be somewhat stormy. However, the Google Photos app keeps a tool that will allow you to stabilize your videos.

Taking photos and videos is an essential part of a large number of users. Whether they do it for a profession or a hobby, having all the tools you need for a great video is paramount. So pay attention as we teach you how to Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi, even if your Xiaomi does not have an optical stabilizer.

Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi with the help of Google Photos

Google Photos is more than a cloud storage service. Among its functions, you will find convenient and very useful tools to share, organize and edit your photos and videos.

As explained in this Xiaomi Community thread, if you edit any of your videos saved in Google Photos, you will have the option to stabilize the image of it. To do this, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open¬†Google Photos¬†on your Xiaomi.
  • Next,¬†select the video¬†you want to stabilize.
  • Click on the¬†Edit option, which is located at the¬†bottom of the player.
  • Various editing options will then appear on the screen.¬†Now click on the¬†rectangular icon¬†that appears next to the ‚Äú¬†Export frame¬†‚ÄĚ line.¬†Depending on the version you have, the icon¬†may appear on the right or left side of the menu.
  • After clicking on the rectangle, Google Photos will start stabilizing the video.¬†The process may take a while depending on the length of the video.
  • Once the video stabilization is finished, click on ‚Äú¬†Save copy¬†‚ÄĚ.

In this way, your video will have been stabilized in a matter of seconds. The camera of your mobile, and its tools, hide many secrets and functions. This way to Stabilize Videos On Xiaomi is the best way and works on all android phones

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