Set How Long Notification stays on screen of Xiaomi

Set How Long Notification stays on screen of Xiaomi
Set How Long Notification stays on the screen of Xiaomi

Do you know that you can Set How Long Notifications will last on the screen of your Xiaomi phone? Has it happened to you that you receive a notification, but it stays so little on the screen¬†that you can’t read it?¬†What if I told you that you can Set a How Long Notification¬†on the screen of your Xiaomi?¬†Well, with MIUI you can make it happen.

When you think you have discovered everything about MIUI, Xiaomi’s operating system surprises you with more.¬†From¬†calculator tricks¬†to¬†adjustments to get the most out of your camera.¬†Do you want to have more time to read the notifications that appear on the screen?¬†The option¬†is found in the settings menu and programming it is a piece of cake.

To Set How Long Notification stays on-screen of Xiaomi

In detail, the setting you are looking for is just one of the many customization options that MIUI offers for its notifications. It is not even a hidden treasure in a secret stash of software. Actually, you can access it by following a few simple steps:

  • Go to¬†Settings > Additional settings > Accessibility.
  • Head over to the¬†Physical tab.
  • Enter¬†Timeout to perform an action.
  • The time that a notification appears on the screen of your Xiaomi is set as¬†default.¬†This option comprises about¬†7 or 8 seconds, which may be little for some users.
  • You can choose any of the following display time options offered by the system:¬†10 seconds,¬†30 seconds,¬†1 minute, or 2 minutes.

This way, you will be able to modify the time notifications appear on the screen. Please note that the setting, as it appears in the menu itself, is not supported by all applications. Therefore, it is likely that certain apps will continue to use the default display time.

MIUI notifications allow you to be quite creative and adapt them to what you need. You can show the status of your headphones, change the style of notifications, silence them, or disable them, among many other options.

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