Redmi Pad variant gets 3C certification; battery size and charging speeds leaked

Redmi Pad surfaced just like In June when a Xiaomi tablet with model number 22081281AC was certified by the 3C authority of China.

The tablet was officially launched in the Chinese market earlier this month under the name Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4. A new Xiaomi tablet has been added to the 3C certification platform’s database. It’s widely assumed that it’ll be the first Redmi-branded tablet.

The claimed Redmi Pad with model number MT8781 has got 3C certification. It is a 4G LTE gadget that will most likely arrive with a 22.5W charger.

According to tipster WHYLAB, the device will be equipped with a 7,800mAh battery.

Redmi Pad Features

According to a recent leak, the Redmi Pad will be packed with a new MediaTek MT87871 chipset. The SoC is identical to the current Helio G99 processor. As a result, the first Redmi tablet could be a low-cost offering from the company.

The Redmi Pad is said to include an 11-inch display with 2K resolution capabilities, according to rumors. Unfortunately, no information about the device’s further specifications is available. Now that the device has achieved 3C certification and has been discovered to being tested in Asian and European countries, it appears that it will not be long before it becomes officially available.

In related news, Redmi appears to be preparing to introduce two new smartphones in India. It recently announced the Redmi Note 11 SE and is currently preparing to launch the Redmi 11 Prime 5G in the country on September 6. In addition, the Xiaomi sub-brand is slated to release an entry-level phone named the Redmi A1 in the coming days.


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