Redmi Note 10 Google Camera 8.4 (Pro & Pro Max)

Redmi Note 10 Google Camera 8.4 (Pro & Pro Max)

Redmi Note 10 Google Camera is from the Pixel 5 Camera app (aka GCam Mod port). Here you can Download Google Camera for Redmi Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max.

Last Updated on 19/12/2021 – Added the latest version of GCam 8.4 for the vanilla Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro, and Note 10 Pro Max.

Redmi Note 10 Specs

The Redmi Note 10 isn’t pathbreaking in terms of features and specifications for the sub-Rs. 12,000 segment, but it does cover all the bases and offers a few nice extra touches. It’s slimmer and lighter than the Redmi Note 9 and debuts a new ‘Evol’ design language which makes it look quite smart. The 6.43-inch full-HD+ AMOLED screen is a major highlight, producing crisp details and colors that pop. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 SoC which is powerful enough for casual gaming as well as everyday tasks. Battery life is good enough to get you through at least a full day, and charging is quick. The cameras are quite ordinary, with the 48-megapixel primary one taking good shots in the daytime ad acceptable ones at night. The ultra-wide and selfie cameras are also serviceable, but the macro one is just for amusement. MIUI is still full of promotional content and ads, but the company promises to remove these with a future update.

Download Redmi Note 10 Google Camera (Pro and Pro Max)

Xiaomi’s tenth-generation Redmi Note 10 series phones support the Camera2 API out-of-the-box along with RAW support. You can simply sideload any of the below-listed GCam port from Pixel 5 on your Redmi Note 10 lineup phone. Here we attach the latest GCam 8.4 port by BSG and GCam 7.3 by Urnyx05, apparently, both ports are compatible with the Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro, and the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (Indian Variant). The best thing about the below collection is, we’ll keep updating this article in the future and add the new ports, so stay connected with us.

The GCam 8.4 mod doesn’t require any changes, but, if you’re using the GCam 7.3 on your Redmi Note 10 series phone, then you can apply the below-listed settings for better results.

Note: Before Installing the new Gcam Mod ported app, make sure to delete the older version (if you’ve installed). This is not a stable version of Google Camera, so it may have some bugs. Last Updated on 9th June 2021, Added Best GCam for Redmi Note 10 with updated config file.

Recommended Settings for Redmi Note 10 Google Camera

For GCam 7.3

  1. At first, download this config file on your smartphone.
  2. Now create a new folder with GCam name.
  3. Open GCam folder and create one more folder with configs7 name.
  4. Now paste the config file inside the configs7 folder.
  5. Once done, Open the Google Camera app and double tap on the black blank area placed next to the shutter button.
  6. Tap on the settings shown (with rnote10-config.xml), available in the popup & press the restore button.
  7. Go back to the app drawer and then open the app again.

As I said earlier, there’s no need to do much changes in the latest GCam 8.1 mod port, although you can do some changes according to your needs from the settings section.

How to Install Redmi Note 10 Google Camera, Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max

  1. At first, download the GCam Mod from the above link.
  2. Once downloaded, install the Google Camera APK on your Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro, and Note 10 Pro Max.
  3. Then, open the app & grant the needed permissions like Camera, Microphone, Storage, and Location.
  4. That’s it.

Now you can start using GCam on your Redmi Note 10 Pro Max with features like Night Sight and Astrophotography Mode.


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