In the last few days, Xiaomi has rolled out the Redmi K50 Pro MIUI 13 Update Android 13-based MIUI build. The Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro were the first to be distributed in China, followed by the global variants. As expected, the Redmi K50 Pro Android 13-based MIUI build is now being distributed to eligible Chinese users.

The MIUI 13 build for the Redmi K50 Pro is part of the recently released China public beta update. It is only available to those taking part in the closed beta test and has version number V13.22.8.9.DEV. The build includes a stable MIUI based on Android 13 as well as a few other customizations and improvements.

Redmi K50 Pro MIUI 13 Update

There are some bug fixes in addition to the customization and improvements. They address gesture issues, battery life display of 0:00 minutes, and unlock interface issues. It also takes care of the DouYin playback noise.

Meanwhile, known issues have been highlighted, and it is prudent to check them before installing the build.


  • Device Name: Redmi K50 Pro
  • Version: V13.22.8.9.DEV
  • Codename: Matisse
  • Type: Beta 
  • Android version: 13
  • Download Link: Recovery


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