Redmi Buds 4 Pro Launching On May 24

On May 24, Xiaomi will unveil a wide variety of new products like the Redmi Buds 4 Pro. In addition to the Redmi Note 11T Pro or the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7we will also discover the new Redmi Buds 4 Pro as a new generation of wireless headphones.

Although the Redmi Buds 3 Pro has been on the market for less than a year, Xiaomi seems to want to follow the same steps as with its smartphones, that is, launch a wide variety of wireless headphones throughout the year.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro Features

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In detail, Xiaomi has published the image that we can see under these lines, thus revealing not only the launch of these new Redmi Buds 4 Pro but also confirming what the design will be like, in general terms, of these.

As can be seen, the Redmi Buds 4 Pro will look very similar to the Redmi Buds 3 Lite, at least as far as their case is concerned. For the rest, everything remains a mystery, although they probably incorporate an active noise cancellation system.

In short, a new generation of headphones will probably lead to the launch of other new models, whether they are the Redmi Buds 4 Lite or the Redmi Buds 4. What if, for now, this launch will only take place officially in China.

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