Recover Deleted photos from Xiaomi gallery

Recover Deleted photos from Xiaomi gallery

Is there a way you can Recover Deleted Photos from Xiaomi gallery after you think they are gone, Were you cleaning your gallery and accidentally deleted an image that you didn’t want to delete? Maybe it was a family memory, a screenshot of important data, or a meme too good to pass up.¬†Maybe you think you have lost that image forever.¬†However,¬†let me tell you that¬†from your Xiaomi’s own gallery you can recover the photos you deleted.

Before old mobiles were more restrictive and any deleted file was very difficult to recover. Now, all modern smartphones offer alternatives to return all those accidentally deleted photos from the trash.

So you can Recover Deleted photos from Xiaomi gallery

Xiaomi Gallery is a tool packed with practical features such as sorting your photos by day, month, and year. Under that same line, you will discover that the application has a section dedicated to the trash.

In the ‚Äúorganize photos‚ÄĚ section, you will find three types of functions:¬†Cleaner, Photo Trash, and Album Trash.¬†In the photo bin, you can find all the photos and videos that you have deleted. Each file has a¬†duration of 30 days.¬†After this time, the image will be permanently deleted from the phone.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Xiaomi gallery

To recover the photos that you do not want to be deleted, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to the Gallery app.
  • Navigate to the ‘ Albums ‘ tab.
  • Slide the menu until you reach the bottom.
  • Go to ‘¬†Trash¬†‘.¬†It is characterized by the icon of a small trash can.
  • Next, all the photos you’ve deleted in the last 30 days appear on the screen.¬†You will notice that each file indicates its time to live in the upper left corner.
  • Select the image(s) you want to restore.¬†Simply long press on the photo or open the image and press ‘¬†Restore¬†‘.

In this way, each of the images you have selected¬†will be shown again among the photos in the gallery.¬†If, on the other hand, you want to delete all the photos from the trash for space reasons, all you have to do is click on ‘Delete all.

Therefore, if you have accidentally deleted a photo, you have nothing to worry about. The gallery of your Xiaomi protects your photos at all times.


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