Highly anticipated POCO X2 MIUI 13 update is ready and will be coming to your devices very soon. Since MIUI 13 interface was introduced, it has been released to many devices so far. This update, which has been released, brings many new features to devices, while at same time increasing system stability. Unfortunately, MIUI 13 update, which increases system stability and offers you many features, has not been released for POCO X2. So when will POCO X2 MIUI 13 update be released? What is MIUI 13 Release Date for POCO X2? If you are wondering answer, keep reading our article!

POCO X2 MIUI 13 update

POCO X2 MIUI 13 Update is Ready! [9 August 2022]

The POCO X2 was released with MIUI 11, which is based on Android 10. The device’s current version is V12.5.7.0.RGHINXM, which has received 1 Android and 2 MIUI updates. The device will no longer receive major updates after receiving Android 12. When it comes to MIUI updates, it will have MIUI 13 but will not receive the MIUI 14 update. Users of the POCO X2 have been anticipating the release of the Android 12-based MIUI 13 update for quite some time. We have exciting news to share with you. The POCO X2 has received the MIUI 13 update!

Users of the POCO X2 have been anticipating this update for quite some time. Now that the new interface update for this model is complete, it will be released by the end of August at the latest. The build number of the upcoming MIUI 13 update for POCO X2 users is V13.0.3.0.SGHINXM. Users will be able to try out the MIUI 13 update, which includes a slew of new features.

POCO X2 Android 12 based MIUI 13 Beta Tests [9 August]

Although stable MIUI 13 updates have started to be tested for POCO X2, Android 12-based MIUI 13 beta tests of this device continue.  Currently internal beta test version of Android 12 based MIUI 13 update for POCO X2 is 22.8.9. MIUI 13 update that will be released for POCO X2 will increase stability of your device and you will be more amazed.

Where can POCO X2 MIUI 13 update be downloaded when it is released?

POCO X2 MIUI 13 update will be available to Mi Pilots first. If no bug are found, it will be accessible to all users. When it is released, you will be able to download POCO X2 MIUI 13 update via MIUI Downloader. In addition, with this application, you will have chance to experience hidden features of MIUI while learning news about your deviceClick here to access MIUI Downloader. We have come to the end of our news about POCO X2 MIUI 13 update.


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