POCO has already begun working on the upcoming phone. Following the recent leak of the POCO M5s gadget, it is now time for the POCO M5. POCO M5s debuted as a rebranded Redmi Note 10S. The POCO M5, on the other hand, may resemble a non-5G variant of the POCO M4 5G.

POCO M5 has been unveiled! The new POCO series is almost here!

POCO M5 debuted as a low-cost smartphone two months ago. L19C is denoted by model number 22071219CG and short name 22071219CI. The codenames rock and stone are also determined. One of these codenames corresponds to the version without NFC, while the other corresponds to the version with NFC. The primary codename is “rock.”

The L19C is now known as the POCO M5 in the IMEI database. When we look up the IMEI number 22071219CG, we get the “POCO M5” model number. As a result, this gadget will be known as the POCO M5.

POCO M5 has been unveiled! The new POCO series is almost here!

The POCO M5 is expected to be available in August when the Xiaomi 12T series is released. Only the Global and India regions will have access to this gadget. The POCO M5s is a 4G device with no indication of whether it is 4G or 5G. Based on this, we anticipate the POCO M5 to be a 4G gadget. Furthermore, because POCO M5s will be more powerful than POCO M5, we may expect JLQ or MediaTek Helio G80 series processors in POCO M5.

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