Poco is preparing to release several smartphones in the coming months. Poco M5 will be one of them. Today, this device was discovered on yet another certification website after the certification of Xiaomi 12t too.

The forthcoming Poco M5 has officially been listed on NBTC. This implies that the phone will almost certainly be offered in Thailand. Unfortunately, the listing contains no updated information about it.

Poco M5

As of present, we know that the Poco M5 worldwide variant has the model number 22071219CG. Surprisingly, it will only support 4G connectivity.

The device will run MIUI 13, which is based on Android 12. It will be equipped with dual-band WiFi. The smartphone has also been approved by the FCC, BIS, and IMDA. As a result, it may also be released in India and Singapore. The model number for the Indian version is 22071219CI.

Poco has yet to formally tease the release of this device. According to the first four digits of the model numbers, which represent the month of release, the phone should have been released in July. However, it appears that the product has been delayed.

Furthermore, Poco M5s are likely to accompany the Poco M5. The latter is little more than a repackaged Redmi Note 10S. It will most likely come with the Android 12-based MIUI 13 and cosmetic improvements.

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