MIUI Security App

To keep you up to date, we will explain the features of the MIUI Security app, as well as prior versions and their changelogs.

MIUI Security App Features

we will try to explain all of the features of the app here. So here they are listed below. MIUI Security is among the most powerful and secure security apps among Android skins. MIUI Security includes the features of the most popular security applications. Thanks to these features of MIUI Security, Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO phones are always safe.


This is a feature that is used to scan your files frequently and clean your temporary, unused files or the app caches that are no longer needed. It scans your cache, unneeded files, APK files that are left over after installing things, your RAM, and much more. Once the scan is done, you can choose what to clean and what not to clean and let MIUI Security do the work for you.

Security Scan

This feature is used to check your device frequently if there’s anything that is off or seems suspicious. It scans your WLAN, payments, and anything that is risky and such.


This opens the same page from the settings, that displays your battery level, the screen on time level, battery usage, how many batteries have been used by apps, and such. This page also lets you change your device’s work level to performance(if supported), and turn on battery saver, and ultra battery saver.

Data usage

This page will show you how much mobile data per SIM, will let you limit it, and change the package(if the carrier does support it). You can also see your daily data usage as well from this page.

Privacy protection

This page is the same one that you can enter from settings as well. It lets you to view anything that is privacy-side related. You can also turn on/off such privacy features from here as well, like the camera indicators, and more.

 Manage apps

This page is also the same as the one that is from settings, and again it’s a shortcut on the MIUI Security app. You can view your all apps here, uninstall, manage, clear their data, see how much they are used for and see how many resources they use from your phone and such on this page.


This page appears when you scroll down on the MIUI Security app and shows you all other features that are supported on your phone. We will explain them also one by one as far as we can.

Solve problems

As the name says, this page is used to check the problems and solve them on your device. It scans your mostly hardware to see if there’s anything that is off or not working. It scans your phone’s performance, network, settings, battery, and also other things that are software sided.

Second space

This feature basically opens a second user space on your phone that is entirely separated from your main system. The second space has its own files separated from the main apps as well, so any apps that you install there won’t detect that you’re on the second system.

Emergency SOS

This is one of MIUI’s emergency features which comes in really handy if you’re in an emergency situation. The feature itself is turned off by default, but you can turn it on easily here with just a switch. Whenever it’s on, as the description of it says so, when you tap the power button 5 times rapidly, it will start calling emergency services for you.

Find device

This is a feature to find your device if it’s lost by checking the location of the device remotely over Xiaomi’s services. You can lock the device remotely as well if you can’t find it, which makes the device completely unusable even if it’s a factory reset.


This is the same page from settings and the phone app, and so it’s a shortcut in the MIUI Security app. You can block annoying users from here, along with their SMS messages and such.

Dual apps

This feature is kinda same as the second space one, but instead, it will use the storage on your main system and not a separate one. You can choose any app to use as a dual app on here, and so also turn it off if you ever used it before.

Hidden apps

This is the same feature that was on the home screen settings, and so it’s a shortcut on the MIUI Security app. You can hide/unhide any app you want in this list with a simple switch.

Battery saver

This is the same page from the battery settings and also in the normal settings app, so it’s a shortcut on the MIUI Security app. This page also has more additional options that can give you more battery life on your device.

Ultra battery saver

As same as above, this is the same page from the battery settings and also in the normal settings app, so it’s a shortcut on the MIUI Security app. This page also has more additional options that can give you more battery life on your device.

All versions

This section includes all older versions both for China and Global variants of MIUI, so you can check their changelogs as well.


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