MIUI Pure, the new mode that will come to Xiaomi

MIUI Pure, the new mode that will come to Xiaomi

Xiaomi has not stopped releasing new updates and improvements to MIUI. We already saw it with the unexpected arrival of MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition, and now with a new mode that will completely change the way we install applications on our smartphone, MIUI Pure.

According to the Telegram post, MIUI Pure is a totally new system installation mode, whose main function is based on preventing the installation of malicious applications that could endanger our privacy and technological security.

In itself, MIUI Pure will be able to protect our mobile devices from viruses, Trojans, and, in general, any type of malicious software, limiting the different ways to install applications.

To do this, MIUI Pure will block the installation of applications, leaving the system’s own application store as the only installation path, that is, Xiaomi’s GetApps. In addition, this mode can be activated and deactivated whenever we want and at any time that the user wishes.

At the moment, the first ALPHA version of MIUI Pure will be released on September 6 in the MIUI Chinese ROM. It is very likely that it will end up being deployed in a stable way through MIUI 13.

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