MIUI Daemon App
MIUI Daemon App

There are other apps in the MIUI system, such as MIUI Daemon App, about which customers frequently inquire about the functionality or utility. Otherwise, they are occasionally concerned about data security.

What is the MIUI Daemon app?

MIUI Daemon App (com.miui.daemon) is a system app that is installed on Xiaomi Devices on Global MIUI ROMs. It is pretty much a tracker that keeps track of certain stats in your system in order to improve the user experience in later updates. To check if you have this app:

  • Open Settings
  • Apps
  • Menu
  • Show system apps
  • Search MIUIDaemon in the app list to check

Some analysts believe Xiaomi equips its gadgets with espionage software. It’s tough to say if it’s true or not. Supporters of this viewpoint typically point to the fact that the graphic interface MIUI employs questionable apps. Such apps will occasionally send data to servers in China.

One of these apps is MIUI Daemon App. After analyzing the app, it is clear that it can collect and send information such as:

  • Screen turn-on time
  • Built-in storage memory amount
  • Loading main memory statistics
  • Battery and CPU statistics
  • Status of Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • IMEI Number

Yes, it sends data to the developers’ servers. On the other hand, it does not use private information. It appears that the Xiaomi corporation uses this software to evaluate its customers’ behavior in order to release fresh firmware based on the needs of the users. Sometimes the app “eats” a lot of device resources, such as batteries. This is not appropriate.

It’s possible to remove the APK, but there’s still the /system/xbin/mqsasd which cannot be removed safely (you won’t be able to boot). The mqsas service is integrated in framework.jar and boot.img as well. As a result, it is preferable to demand a halt or cancel its authorization. This software definitely has a lot to offer. It clearly merits a thorough examination. If you have reverse engineering skills, download the firmware, reverse this software, and share your results with the world!

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