Well on one of the system apps we just spotted MIUI 14 on the codebase of it. Continue reading the article to see the all information about it. Alongside the leak xiaomi 13 and redmi note 12 leaks already out

We decompiled the app for you all and found the code on the decompiled app itself. You can check the image below.

MIUI 14 has been spotted on codebase - New Update Coming

Checks whether the nuwa codenamed device (Mi 13) has MIUI 14 or higher, and if so, displays the STK (SIM Toolkit) symbol on the interface; in other words, checks for MIUI 14 on the system app itself.

When support for the Mi 9 was discontinued, people began developing MIUI 13 builds, applications, and so forth. So, once again, our prediction is that as the Mi 10 approaches its end of life, they will begin beta releases of MIUI 14 and gradually update the system apps to adapt to it. The Mi 10 received MIUI 13, which we believe will be the last MIUI or Android update that device will receive. However, bear in mind that this is only our hypothesis, and nothing has been proven.

When can we expect to see MIUI 14 builds?

Our best assumption is that the MIUI 14 will be released on August 16. Although there is a good likelihood that the other two phones, dubbed “nuwa” and “fuxi,” will be released with MIUI 14. As about 12 years have gone since the initial release of MIUI’s first version, we anticipate that when August 16 arrives, it will be precisely 12 years after MIUI’s first release, and so we anticipate that MIUI 14 development will begin on August 16.

Unfortunately, not yet; nothing connected to MIUI 14 was found in the other applications. We expected them to release MIUI 13.5 in the same way they released MIUI 12.5, therefore we wrote articles about it. You may look them up to learn more about it.

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