MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons

MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons

After suffering a slight delay in its plans, Xiaomi finally resumes its plans to officially present its new customization layer. MIUI 14 makes its debut along with a large number of new features.

New icons with a variable design, lower memory consumption, and greater security are some of the characteristics that define MIUI 14, promising greater customization and optimal fluidity, thereby improving the user experience of our smartphone.

The news of MIUI 14

MIUI 14 is presented together with Razon Project, a new approach that achieves a much lighter system. MIUI’s new Photon engine promises a dramatic increase in system fluidity, especially in high-load scenarios.

MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons

MIUI 14 is designed to improve the user experience, with a much faster and more fluid system, focusing mainly on:

  • Firmware size reduction by 23%.
  • Decreased use of RAM for smoother operation.
  • Ability to uninstall many more pre-installed applications.

In addition to this, Xiaomi continues to work in the direction of security and privacy. According to the company, MIUI 14 guarantees full local computing with 0 cloud data. In addition, a certification accredited by Thiel Lab s has been obtained in the areas of privacy and security.

The highlights of MIUI 14

Beyond what has been seen, MIUI 14 presents a large number of new features, at least for the MIUI Chinese ROM. Among these, we find the most outstanding.

  • Faster and more responsive operation for longer thanks to MIUI now taking up less storage space.
  • The system architecture was improved to increase the performance of installed and third-party applications comprehensively. All while saving energy.
  • Personalization reaches a new level thanks to its redefinition with great attention to detail:
    • Variable large icons: 4 sizes of each icon to make the desktop more interesting.
MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons
miui 14 new icon pack
      • Floral Pet Decorations: Cute interactive desktop objects to bring your desktop to life.
  • Now all actions performed locally on the device and 30+ scenes support end-to-end privacy. All without data stored in the cloud.
  • The Mi Smart Hub app now runs faster and is compatible with more devices thanks to its significant revamp.
MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons
redesign of MIUI Home
  • Now you can share all kinds of essential information with your loved ones through family services.

In the same way, MIUI 14 presents other interesting aspects such as new widget formats that allow more combinations, recognizing and copying the text in a gallery image, and even making it much easier to connect your headphones with other devices.

This interface has long been anticipated. The event caused us to notice the new interface. We had some knowledge of this interface. Some of these included lowering the number of system applications. It can now uninstall a large number of system applications. At the same time, the new MIUI provides a variety of features. The new photon engine was just announced. This photon engine has revealed new information. According to reports, third-party apps reduce power consumption by 22%.


MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons


System performance was improved as a result of kernel improvements. System fluency has increased by 88% with the new Android 13 version. The power consumption was cut by 16%. The new Razor project has resulted in numerous enhancements. One of them is to reduce the size of the system. The system size has been reduced by 23% when compared to the previous MIUI 13.

This software compresses updated files. They accomplished this by redesigning MIUI. MIUI is lighter, faster, and more stable than before. In addition, it introduces a new design language. The leaked MIUI 14 Changelog contained some hints. The new MIUI 14 includes a new feature known as super icons. These super icons improve the appearance of your home screen.

MIUI 14 officially launched With New variable icons

In addition, some privacy features, minor updates, and improvements were implemented. Xiaomi announced in its most recent statement that the flagship Xiaomi smartphones will receive the MIUI 14 update in the first quarter.


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