MIUI 13 Update Top 5 Benefits

5 Top Benefits of MIUI 13 Update
5 Top Benefits of MIUI 13 Update

MIUI 13 Update has made its way into our lives at breakneck speed, and it is still being pushed to certain Xiaomi smartphones. Many people are hesitant to upgrade to MIUI 13, and this material will show you the advantages of making the transition. if you are still thinking about If the MIUI 13 Update is for you, here are the top reasons why you should consider upgrading.

Enhanced Privacy of MIUI 13 Update

Miui 13 was built high on the fact that user wants more privacy when they are using their phone. Xiaomi ecosystem has been improved by the three-step verification system layers which consist of:

  • Base Layer: Facial Recognition
  • Watermark Reading Of User ID
  • Electronic Fraud Protection

Although, this three-step verification system might be region dependent.

Improved UI Design & Widgets

MIUI 13 update does not completely replace the MIUI 12 skin, not even close; nonetheless, there are some tiny tweaks here and there, such as the redesigned control center or the new and better widgets. Along with the upgrade, a new typeface named MiSans is released, replacing the existing one.

There is also a change in the dynamic wallpapers; a new wallpaper collection has been included in which flowers grow from the screen’s sides when the screen is turned on.

Improved Performance and Smoother Animations

The new version prioritizes improving the speed of essential tasks and system programs, and the overall user experience has been enhanced by 52% thanks to Focused Algorithms, Liquid Storage, and Atomized Memory. New efforts have been implemented to decrease throttle and maintain peak performance.

Liquid Storage and Atomized Memory also assist to reduce the deterioration of read-write capabilities by 5%, extending the life of your device.

Liquid Storage

Liquid Storage is a global ROM feature that controls how your system saves files on a system-wide basis. Depending on how many read-write operations are conducted on the device, read-write speeds typically decrease by 50% after three years. This deterioration is most visible when opening apps, which will be sluggish, and Liquid Storage technology is introduced to retain 95 percent of the read-write rates in the long run.

Atomized Memory

Atomized Memory technology is meant to improve overall RAM use in your smartphone by employing algorithms to recognize which applications are used more frequently and which are used less frequently. And, depending on the data acquired by this research, the most frequently used applications are prioritized and remain in the background for a longer period of time, while the less frequently used apps are removed.

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