Hey there! on this page, you can download MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers in High Resolution. The MIUI 13 Live Wallpaper on this page was extracted in original resolution with no pixels lost during the process.

MIUI 13 was finally published by Xiaomi in the last week of December 2021. It debuted alongside the Xiaomi 12 series. The latest Xiaomi’s custom skin ‘MIUI 13′ did not live up to users’ expectations. Even after extended waits and delays, MIUI 13 does not offer many new features. However, it does not disappoint in the wallpaper department. MIUI 13 includes a variety of static and live wallpapers. Download MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers from this page.

MIUI 13: Spec

MIUI 13 is the most recent version of Xiaomi’s custom skin MIUI. It was recently unveiled during the Xiaomi 12 launch event. The latest MIUI 13 will be available to qualified Xiaomi phones towards the end of January. Many customers have complained that despite taking all of the time in the world, Xiaomi has failed to develop new features that can improve the user experience.

In addition, the OEM has announced the first group of smartphones that will receive the MIUI 13 update in early 2022. MIUI 13 is not dependent on the Android version, thus even if your phone is not compatible with Android 12, you can still receive the MIUI 13 update. MIUI 13 offers increased privacy via three-step authentication. It also includes new fonts and gadgets.

Xiaomi has also unveiled the MIUI 13 Pad, which is designed for tablets and bigger phones. The characteristics of both versions of MIUI 13 will be nearly identical. We all assumed that MIUI 13 would be a significant release, however, it is not. MIUI 13 did not disappoint when it came to wallpapers. It comes with a slew of wallpapers that we’ve already shown you. We’ll be sharing MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers for you to download right here.

MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers

The previous version of MIUI, MIUI 12, included fantastic Super Wallpapers that are still popular over two years later. Fortunately, Xiaomi has done an excellent job with the Live Wallpapers in MIUI 13. Live Wallpapers add a new dimension to the home screen and lock screen by bringing the screen to life. When it comes to MIUI 13 Live Wallpaper, it offers a massive collection of Live Wallpapers. MIUI 13 has approximately 19 high-quality live wallpapers. Check out the linked short movie for a glimpse of the live wallpaper below.

MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers – Preview

Download MIUI 13 Live  Wallpapers Here

Download MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers

All of the live wallpapers in MIUI 13 are well-designed and of great quality. Because the collection was extracted from the apk, all of the images are in their original resolution. If you appreciate the MIUI 13 live wallpapers collection, you can get the entire set via the Google Drive link.

After the wallpaper has been downloaded, go to the downloads folder and select the wallpaper you wish to use on your smartphone’s home or lock screen. To set the wallpaper, open it and then press the three-dots menu symbol. That is all there is to it.

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[*] Compatibility: The above MIUI 13 Live Wallpapers can work for all smartphones out there no matter the Spec.