MIUI 13 Launcher Gets updates with new customization options

Xiaomi does not stop updating the different elements of MIUI. After redesigning the Calculator application, the company has renewed the MIUI 13 Launcher, incorporating new customization elements in order to improve and expand the possibilities for the user.

As we can read through MIUIesXiaomi has updated the MIUI 13 Launcher, specifically to version This includes three important changes, specially designed to improve the level of customization.

New changes arrive on the MIUI 13 Launcher

As shown in the following images, Xiaomi has added the possibility of hiding the name of the widgets that we have integrated on the desktop. In this way, the final design of the desktop is much cleaner and more minimalist.

MIUI 13 Launcher Gets updates with new customization options

In addition, this has not been the only change. Now there is also the possibility of adding the lite mode to the desktop types, thereby increasing the possibilities and therefore the productivity from the desktop itself without having to access the settings.

MIUI 13 Launcher Gets updates with new customization options

What if, as usual, these changes will be implemented little by little in the different variants of MIUI, that is, it will arrive in stages to the Chinese ROM, Global ROM, and European ROM of all those Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO devices that have MIUI 13.


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