MiMedia Editor get update to V0.8.4.4.global

MiMedia Editor get update to V0.8.4.4.global

Xiaomi Gallery Editor or MiMedia Editor is a tool that’s included by default in the gallery app on Xiaomi devices. This handy tool makes it simple to edit photos and videos without resorting to using other external apps. All it takes is a few minutes to get surprising results.

In MiMedia Editor you’ll find a toolbar where you can select all the options you need to edit your photos or videos. The app gives you the chance to add filters to modify the colors or change certain visual settings. Plus, the timeline layout makes it easy to edit each video clip independently.

Another incredibly useful feature in Xiaomi Gallery Editor is the trimming tool. From this tab, you can segment each fragment of the production according to your needs. You’ll also have the ability to modify the audio in order to create appropriate transitions.

Xiaomi Gallery Editor makes it easy to edit videos and photos from the gallery of your Xiaomi device. This means you no longer have to rely on other external editors that will probably take up more space and use more resources in your phone’s storage and RAM.

MiMedia Editor changes

MiMedia Editor get update to V0.8.4.4.global



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