120Hz Refresh Rate Xiaomi devices
120Hz Refresh Rate Xiaomi devices

120Hz Refresh Rate Xiaomi devices can be mid-range, budget, or even flagship phones. Nowadays, all smartphone companies have begun to use high refresh rate displays; even mid-range and some low-cost handsets use high-refresh-rate displays. We’ve compiled a list of Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco smartphones that support a 120Hz refresh rate display in this post.

The refresh rate of a display refers to how many times per second the display is ready to draw a new image. This is measured in Hertz (Hz).
A 60Hz display, for example, refreshes 60 times per second, a 90Hz display refreshes 90 times per second, a 120Hz display refreshes 120 times per second, and so on.

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If viewed, the 120Hz refresh rate is the highest among others since the display refreshes twice as quickly as the 60Hz panel and four times quicker than the 30Hz panel. This implies that it is the most effective for providing a seamless smartphone experience.

Here are 120Hz Refresh Rate Xiaomi devices


Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G

Redmi Note 11 Pro

Redmi K40

Redmi K40 Pro

Redmi K40 Pro+

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max

Redmi Note 10 Pro

Redmi Note 11 Pro (China)

Redmi Note 11 Pro+

Redmi Note 10 Pro (China)

Redmi K40 Gaming

Redmi K30 Ultra

Redmi K30i 5G

Redmi K30 5G Racing

Redmi K50

Redmi K50 Pro

Redmi K50 Gaming


Mi 10i 5G

Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge

Mi 10T Lite 5G

Mi 11

Mi 11 Pro

Mi 11i

Mi 11 Ultra

Mi 11X

Mi 11X Pro

Xiaomi Mix 4

Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi 11T Pro

Xiaomi Civi

Xiaomi 12X

Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi 11i

Mi 10 Ultra


Poco F3 GT

Poco X3 GT

Poco X3 Pro

Poco F3

Poco X3

Poco X3 NFC

Note: There might be more devices of 120Hz Refresh Rate Xiaomi devices, we will keep updating this list on a regular basis.

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