How to Use Xiaomi to take pictures in motion

How to Use Xiaomi to take pictures in motion

MIUI offers us a wide variety of options. Among its settings, we find a multitude of parameters that usually go unnoticed, but simply activating them will bring us great benefits in the experience of using our Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphone.

An example of this is the « smart focus » that includes the native MIUI camera. Thanks to this we will be able to obtain much sharper and more focused moving photographs, finally achieving a much more professional result.

Thanks to this option that Xiaomi has implemented in a large part of its latest smartphones, we will be able to minimize the blur in the photographs that we take of children, animals, cars, or moving subjects. Are you interested? We explain how to activate this option:

Improve the moving pictures you take with your Xiaomi

If you can’t get pictures of your dog, a moving car, or that new member of the family that doesn’t stop moving, you just have to activate these settings in the camera of your Xiaomi. To do this, follow these steps:

How to Use Xiaomi to take pictures in motion

  1. Go to the camera app and access its settings.
  2. Once inside, we only have to activate the options “ Motion tracking focus ” and “ Motion capture ”

Once done, you will be able to verify how the photographs taken with your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO are much sharper and more focused, especially those that we take in motion or objects that are moving

IMPORTANT NOTE: It should be noted that these options are not available on all Xiaomi mobile devicesDepending on your model you will find these options in the camera settings.


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