How To Use Xiaomi Nearby Share (Redmi & POCO)

How To Use Xiaomi Nearby Share (Redmi & POCO)

Xiaomi Nearby Share is another option to send large files from one device to another. Media files are becoming increasingly huge. For them, Android engineers introduced the Nearby Share function in 2020, which was sophisticated, fast, simple, and did not require internet access. This is intended for exchanging files within a few meters of you. Users may now wirelessly transfer data in a matter of seconds.

You simply need to switch on Bluetooth and have a smartphone running Android 6.0 or above to do this. It is quite simple to use Xiaomi Nearby Exchange, and you may share enormous files with a few clicks. Xiaomi is a major smartphone brand with a diverse variety of devices in all categories for using Nearby Share in Xiaomi smartphones as well as those of its other subsidiary firms, Redmi and POCO.

You only need to take a few easy actions to exchange massive files with safe and quick connectivity. Sharing with Xiaomi Nearby Share adds another intriguing feature: you no longer need a third-party app to share files; this is integrated in and no further software is necessary.

Xiaomi phones operate on Android-based MIUI, which is also a simple and smooth user interface. You must take the actions outlined below.

How To Share Files Via Xiaomi Nearby Share:

How To Enable Xiaomi Nearby Share In MIUI:

  • It is simple: drop down the notification panel, find two twisted rope icons, and press on them.
  • Allow turning on Bluetooth.
  • Set the discover visibility in three types of modes:
    • Hidden
    • Everyone
    • Contacts
  • After choosing one option from the above three. It will be enabled.

How To Send Via Xiaomi Nearby Share In MIUI:

  • Select the files.
  • Press the share option.
  • Find out the Nearby Share icon (Two Twisted Ropes) and click on it.
  • In the dialog box recipient’s name will appear; tap on it, and as the recipient accepts the request, file sharing will start.

How To Receive Via Xiaomi Nearby Share In MIUI:

  • First of all, turn on the Nearby Share by the above-stated process.
  • Then, as soon as the dialog box of accepting request appears, match the acceptor’s pin and name and accept the file.

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