How To Use Xiaomi MIUI 13 Customize App Drawer Feature

MIUI 13 Customize App Drawer
How To Use Xiaomi MIUI 13 Customize App Drawer Feature

Xiaomi unveiled the MIUI 13 Customize App Drawer feature in the MIUI launcher in November 2019. There is also the MIUI Alpha launcher, which allows you to modify the home screen, widgets, app shortcuts, and other features. In addition, the launcher includes an App drawer.

MIUI 13 App drawer provides users with a variety of customization choices in order to deliver a better user experience. This app drawer feature may be customized by selecting App Suggestions, Managing App Categories, Backgrounds, Scroll Bar, and Placing New Apps on Home Screen.

  • Manage app categories: It allows you to manage the order in which various app categories appear. In addition, you can manually select which applications should go into a certain category. Apart from this, you also have the option of creating a new category when needed.
  • Backgrounds: This feature allows managing app drawer background transparency and background mode.
  • Place apps on Home Screen: it allows you to download any apps from the play store, and other stores are seen on the Home screen.
  • Scroll bar: This setting lets you choose between two sidebar options. By default, it comes with Original Design, which is a Blue scroll bar. Also, you can change it to an “AZ” bar.

How to customize MIUI 13 Customize App Drawer?

Firstly, Go to the Settings of your phone. Then scroll down, tap on the Home screen, and click on the Home screen; from here, Tab on “With app drawer”. Now, you can customize the app drawer with the many customization options.

  • App suggestions
  • Manage app categories
  • Backgrounds.
  • scroll bar
  • Place new apps on the Home screen


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