How To Use The New Secure Mode in MIUI 13

How To Use The New Secure Mode in MIUI 13

In its MIUI 13 skin, Xiaomi announced a new software-based feature dubbed Secure Mode in MIUI 13. The beta testing of the following functionality has been ongoing since September 2021. It is a newly released feature in the MIUI, and enthusiasts are eager to learn more about the “Secure Mode.” In China, the corporation has quietly begun to roll out Pure Mode to their handsets.

What is Secure Mode in MIUI 13

Pure mode is basically a software-based feature developed by Xiaomi, which helps you to protect your device from malicious files, viruses, and malware. The Pure Mode will scan all the files, folders, APKs, and applications on your Xiaomi devices and will inform you as soon as it detects any kind of malicious file or malware.

If it identifies any harmful files or garbage, it will display a warning. It is now up to the user to decide whether to ignore the warning and continue with the installation. It functions similarly to Play Protect, except for Chinese MIUI. The “Secure Mode” is broken into four tiers of security checks, which we will go through one by one.

Functions Of Secure Mode in MIUI 13

  1. Virus detection; scans for a virus or trojan to provide system-based security.
  2. Privacy detection; detects if any kind of privacy loophole is there or not.
  3. Compatibility detection; to provide the best user experience, it detects if an application is compatible with the system or not.
  4. Manual review: Application scanned through Secure Mode is manually reviewed by MIUI devs.

How To Bypass Secure Mode

if it has marked any application as unsafe and restricted it to install, do you still want to install the application? Then head over to Settings >> Secure Mode >> Authorize the installation. By following this method, you can continue to install the application.

How to enable and disable Secure Mode in MIUI 13?

Go to App install of MIUI, then click on three dot present of the upper right-hand corner of the device, Now from there, click on Settings >> Secure Mode. Now tap on “Turn on now” and this will finally enable Secure mode in your Xiaomi smartphone.

you can just open the Settings application of MIUI, search Secure mode in the search bar. Now you will get Secure Mode as a search result, click on it and then click on Turn on now.

To disable Secure mode, follow the same steps mentioned above for turning on the Secure mode, now on the final page, you will get the “Turn off now” button instead of “Turn on now”. Click on that and this will successfully disable it.

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