How To Use Mi Recovery To Recover Xiaomi Devices

This is the post for you if your device is stuck at the Fastboot screen or if you want to know how to recover any Xiaomi device from the Fastboot screen. There are several causes for this, the most prevalent of which being faulty software.

Recovering device without reflashing

If your device boot into Fastboot interface with working software or you accidentally powered on your phone while you were also holding volume down button. If this is the case, just press and hold power button for 10 seconds and your device should boot as if nothing ever happened.

Recovering device using Mi Recovery

Before flashing your device using MiFlash, you can also try your luck with wiping user data. This process will wipe your data so be aware.

Mi RecoveryMi Recovery
  1. Press and hold volume up and power buttons at the same time.
  2. Let go of power button when you see the Mi Logo but keep pressing volume up.
  3. You should see Xiaomi’s Mi Recovery Interface.
  4. Press volume down button to select Wipe Data option and press the power button enter.
  5. Wipe All Data should be selected by default, press the power button again.
  6. Use volume down to select Confirm and press the power button once again to wipe data.

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