How to Setup email in the Gmail app of Xiaomi (Yahoo, Outlook…)

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Nowadays, there is no longer a need to fill your device’s memory with different mail applications. In fact, from the Gmail app of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO, you have the option to link any other email account¬†such as¬†Yahoo¬†or¬†Outlook.

Google services surround you with a couple of interesting features. For example, you can delete the activity history of your account or also use a handy tool to free up storage space. But when it comes to organization, controlling multiple emails from the same app opens up many possibilities.

Link any mail in the Gmail app of your Xiaomi

The advantage of this simple function is organization and optimization. If you are a user who likes to have everything in one place, Gmail makes it possible. From the app, you can manage your different email accounts quickly and easily.

To link any email in the Gmail app of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Services Loading.
  • Open¬†Gmail.
  • Click on the icon of your Google account.
  • Click on ‘¬†Add another account¬†‘.
  • You can then choose any of the following services: Google, Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo, Exchange, and Office 365, or others.
  • Sign in to the selected service.

In this way, your other email account will be linked to the Gmail app of your Xiaomi. Again, from the same icon of your Google account, you can switch between your different emails just by selecting them. In addition, you can write emails, add contacts, and even access the different folders you have created.


After linking your other email in the Xiaomi Gmail app, you can also check the inbox of all your accounts at the same time. All you have to do is display the menu, through the icon with the three horizontal bars, and click on ‘All received.


This method, available on any Android mobile, allows you to¬†save space on your device’s memory.¬†At the same time, it allows you to manage your email accounts from the same place.¬†This is a little infallible trick that every organized user should know.

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