How to prevent WiFi from draining Xiaomi battery

How to prevent WiFi from draining Xiaomi battery

Google‘s location service is a handy feature that aims to provide you with location-related information, such as weather reports. However, by running in the background, it is constantly using the WiFi connection and therefore consumes excessive power. For this reason, MIUI 13 integrates a hidden setting to prevent WiFi from completely draining the battery of your Xiaomi.

Even if you press the Wi-Fi icon in the control center of the notification bar, the connection does not turn off completely. In fact, the connectivity is kept in the background to improve some services offered by Google. Among these is the accuracy of the location.

Disable the WiFi connection so that Google services do not drain the battery of your Xiaomi

Since the WiFi connectivity continues to work, without our knowledge, the mobile deals with extra energy consumption, which reduces autonomy faster. However, there is a small and quick solution to prevent WiFi from draining the battery of your Xiaomi.

It turns out that MIUI 13 and previous versions such as 12.5 have a hidden setting to disable the WiFi connection and stop feeding Google services. The location of it may vary depending on the device, but the steps are basically the same.

  • Go to Settings > Location.
  • Enter ‘Location Services’ and then ‘Google Location Accuracy’. In other versions of MIUI, you can directly enter the second section.
  • Next, toggle off the ‘Improve Google location accuracy’ switch.

Keep in mind that turning off Wi-Fi for Google services has consequences. In fact, some tools that depend on connectivity may not work as expected after deactivation. Although, on the positive side, you can enjoy a little more autonomy and, of course, privacy.

When completing this hidden adjustment, it will be enough to just turn off the wireless connectivity from the control center for the connection to be completely disabled. In this way, you prevent Google services from draining the battery of your Xiaomi when using WiFi in the background.

As far as MIUI is concerned, there are many sections that you can deactivate to gain a little more fluidity and autonomy or because it simply isn’t useful for you. For example, the My Video toolbar or the Google Assistant.


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