Google Camera GCam 8.5

Are you interested in improving the camera of your mobile? Well, you can now download Google Camera GCam 8.5 on all these Xiaomi devices, thus improving their cameras and achieving much more impressive and professional photographs.

Download Google Camera GCam 8.5 now on all these Xiaomi mobiles

The developer BSG, known for releasing compatible GCam versions for Xiaomi mobiles and many others, has released the 8.5.300 update. An optimized version of its predecessor 8.4.300. Google camera mods often harness the full potential of Redmi device cameras, providing great photos even in low-light environments.

In detail, the Google Camera GCam 8.5 public version 8.5.300 of the mod developed by BSG brings with it the following improvements for Android and Xiaomi phones:

  • Added “Session ID” option for Photo modes, Time Lapse, and various FPS settings like 24, 30, and 60.
  • Now it is possible to use third-party galleries.
  • Performance was fixed on some devices.
  • Bugs in the mod have been fixed.

Google Camera GCam 8.5 mods are meant to be universal apps that fit all Android devices. Of course, there is still much to be achieved to reach that goal, as there are certain restrictions to take into account. For example, the mobile must have support for the Camera2 API or have Android 10 as a minimum.

However, BSG Google Camera GCam 8.5 version 8.5.30 0 can work smoothly on all these Xiaomi devices:

How to download the new Google Camera GCam 8.5 version of BSG?

The first thing you should do is make sure that your Xiaomi has the installation of applications from unknown sources enabled. This is a fundamental step to be able to open the APK file correctly. Once you confirm it, enter the mobile browser and download the application from the following link:

Next, open the APK file from its storage folder and grant it all the necessary permissions for it to work. In this way, you will get the GCam 8.5 application to work freely on your Xiaomi. After taking your first photos, you will notice the change in image quality that only the Google Pixel camera can offer.


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