How To Install And Use New MIUI 13 Game Turbo

MIUI 13 Game Turbo
MIUI 13 Game Turbo

One of the features of smartphones is gaming, the new MIUI 13 Game Turbo will help me that more fun and fast gaming. As we previously said, the new site user interface in the current MIUI 13 releases has been modified, and the entire interface is now available to everyone. We previously revealed that there will be a new user interface for MIUI 13 Game Turbo, and it has now been launched to all devices.

How to get New Game Turbo

  • Normally MIUI China ROMs don’t let you update the system apps from anywhere except the store for safety. To fix this, we need to install google’s package installer. If you’re using global, you can skip this.

Install Google Package Installer

  • After installing the google package installer, try installing the app. If it still redirects you to the MIUI installer, you need to debloat the MIUI package installer.

Install MIUI 13 Game Turbo Using File Manager

If the above method didn’t work, there’s still a way.

  • Save the apk to downloads.
  • Open File Manager.
    • Find the APK file you saved.
    • Open it.
    • Now MIUI Installer will let you update the app, as File Manager is counted as a trusted source.
  • If it worked, then congratulations! You have the new game turbo now.


Security App With New Game Turbo
System Service Plugin

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