How to Improve Xiaomi Sound with these settings

How to Improve Xiaomi Sound with these settings
How to Improve Xiaomi Sound with these settings

Good sound is one of the things that gives a good vibe when playing music on phones, well we will teach you How to Improve Xiaomi Sound. Among the wide variety of settings that MIUI hides, we find an option capable of improving the sound of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO in a few seconds. All this, without the need to install third-party applications.

Thanks to this adjustment, which often goes unnoticed by the user, you can exponentially change the way you listen to music with your headphones. A small adjustment that you will surely never deactivate again.

How to Improve Xiaomi Sound with these settings

Activate Mi Sound to Improve Xiaomi Sound

The trick in question is, plain and simple, to activate the Mi Sound function; which optimizes the equalization of your headphones to obtain a better audio experience.

It should be noted that this function is only available for wired headphones since equalization in wireless headphones depends on other factors. Likewise, it is necessary to have the headphones connected to the mobile when making the sound adjustment.

To improve the sound of your Xiaomi with the function of Mi Sound, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Sound and vibration > Sound effects .
  2. In the “ Sound Settings ” section, turn on the “ Mi Sound Enhancer ” switch.

Next, the key point of the whole process is to select the type of headphones . Keep in mind that the equalization boost will vary depending on the type of headphone you choose. Therefore, it is best to try each of the options until you find the one that offers you the sound quality you want.

Improve Xiaomi Sound Of wireless headphones

Unfortunately, the Mi Sound only works with wired headphones. Even so, if you have wireless headphones, you can also improve the sound of these by changing the type of codec. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings> Additional settings> Developer options (If this option does not appear in this guide we will tell you how to enable developer options on your Xiaomi)
  2. Once inside we access « Bluetooth audio codec » and select the one that offers the best sound.

In general, the Qualcomm aptX , LDAC or LHDC codecs are usually the ones that offer the highest quality, since they have a higher transmission speed and therefore do not entail much loss.

As simple as that, you can considerably improve the sound quality on your Xiaomi in secondsIf you want to know more about other MIUI functions, we invite you to read this article on how to lock your Xiaomi if the power button does not work .

At least you have the options to select the ways that Improve Xiaomi Sound, this goes for gamers and song lovers


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